Nursing and Whole30

I’m not going to lie. I was worried. One piece of advice I received from my amazing lactation specialist at the hospital was “don’t diet because it could affect your milk supply.” As a first time mom and with the goal of nursing for baby’s entire first year, I didn’t want to do anything that could jeopardize the rhythm baby and I had created during his first 11 weeks.

What I soon realized was Whole30 isn’t a diet. Whole30 focuses on what you can eat, not what you can’t.  You eat delicious and nutritious foods until you are full. There is no counting or measuring, just clean, whole food eatin’.

However, being mindful I was eating well for two, I took some given advice about nursing and Whole30 as well as figured some things out on my own:

~ When you are hungry, eat. This may sound like a “duh,” but when nursing, it is even more important to listen to your body. Trust your body. This body birthed a baby and creates the milk to feed the baby. When your body says it’s hungry, it knows what it’s talking about. This means many times I would eat a fourth meal (I called it “second lunch”). As I got closer to the 30 day marker, I ate less fourth meals, and now, as I continue to eat Whole30, I only need a fourth meal once or twice a week.

~ Drink a lot of water. I mean a lot. On average I drink 160 oz of water a day. Yes, I know that sounds crazy. Luckily, I had already formed the habit of drinking a lot of water while pregnant, so I just did my best to increase it even more for nursing and completing Whole30.

 ~ There’re not many (if any) detox symptoms. Not sure if after being pregnant for the first time and then recovering from a c-section, my body was like “Okay, what’s next? No sugar? Okay, we’ll deal!” or if I just got lucky, but besides one day where I thought the house smelled like chocolate chip cookies, I didn’t have any of the other possible side effects of the detox phase.

I whole heartedly enjoyed my first Whole30. So much so that Brian and I are still chugging along with no immediate plans to eat off plan. We have decided to take the reintroduction plan that involves waiting for something that crosses our path that is off plan and worth eating, then we will hop right back on the Whole30 train because it just makes us feel so gosh darn great!

Happy eating and nursing!


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