Whole 30 Overview

To be honest, Lindsay and I were skeptical about any “diet” plan. We are in love with food. We like to treat ourselves to nice dinners and nice food, but we knew that we needed to do something about our health. We have a 3 month old baby and we want to be healthy for our son. We also want to model good eating habits for him. A co-worker of mine had told me about the Whole30 program and I placed it in the back of my mind and really forgot about it until I saw a former swimmer of mine post on Facebook that she too was completing the Whole30 challenge. That was when Lindsay and I began to seriously discuss the Whole30 challenge, we did some more research, and we ultimately decided to accept the challenge.

The first couple of days were surprisingly easy! We were eating lots of food per meal and we were enjoying the food that we were eating. There were only a few instances where we got some minor headaches due to the sugar detox process, but nothing too much to complain about. After reading the article on the Whole30 timeline: http://whole30.com/2013/08/revised-timeline/ we were nervous about the “kill all things” days (day 4-5), but neither my wife nor I killed anyone, anything, or each other, nor did we really have the desire to. 🙂 I had a couple of days where I was just overcome with hunger, but a handful of almonds and raisins satisfied that hunger itch.

Through this process we have discovered a whole different kind of passion for food and for cooking. My wife has been nursing our son, so the Whole30 challenge has given me a chance to improve on my cooking skills. I have gone from a grilled cheese only chef to a self-proclaimed “chef extraordinaire.” I am now able to create my own spice combinations, roast practically anything, grill all different types of meats, and even invent my own recipes (all of which are a part of this blog)!

Lindsay and I have thoroughly enjoyed the Whole30 challenge! We have not really noticed that we were eating less than before, but we were making really healthy choices. We have definitely been cooking more and going out exceptionally less (we actually did not eat out for the entire 30 days). We also liked that this program focused less on the foods you can’t eat and more on the foods that you can eat and how you can eat them well!

Lindsay has said that she has not had many cravings throughout our 30 day challenge, except for the occasional chocolate chip cookie craving. She said that one day the whole house smelled of chocolate chip cookies — that’s how bad she wanted one, but now we both think that if we had a chocolate chip cookie, we would both think that it is too sweet. I on the other hand have had severe cravings for cheese. I don’t know what it is about cheese, but I just love it! But I do have to say that there are some recipes that I normally would have added cheese to the recipe, prior to Whole30, that if I had added cheese, the flavor of the meal would have been destroyed.

Our plan for after our Whole30 is to continue with the Whole30 most of the time with the occasional addition of cheese or chocolate chip cookie. But, we both have vowed to no longer continue with our pre-Whole30 eating habits of fast food and sugary concoctions.


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